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Enhanced Branding Features in Canopy Connect

Published on
August 16, 2022
Tolga Tezel

Founder and CEO

We're excited to share some new branding features within Canopy Connect that allow you to customize the visual aspects of your Canopy Connect links.

We've added the ability to show your company logo on the introduction screen. Simply upload a logo icon and toggle on "Show co-branded intro screen" when editing a widget from the Links page of the Canopy Connect dashboard.


You can also add a splash of your brand's color to all major elements within the Canopy Connect link screens. Your brand color will show up on major elements within the modal to make the end-to-end experience feel cohesive with the rest of your brand.


Finally, you can now configure the modal to launch automatically when a prospect visits your Canopy Connect link. This skips the step of your prospect having to click a button to launch the modal, which may help boost conversions.

All of these branding settings can be enabled from the Links page. Watch the video below to see how to configure these features, and sign in to try these new branding features out!