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What’s New: Email Functionality, Improved Landing Pages, and More

Over the last few weeks, we’ve released improvements around sending and tracking emails, reminder emails to prospects, and improved landing pages for Canopy links.

Insurance Agency Operations: The Essential Guide to Mastering Your Internal Processes

Ready to improve your insurance agency operations and grow your business? Start with this guide to master your sales process and create a winning team.

4 Insurance Revenue Streams that Fintechs Should Consider

Whether you’re a fintech, a bank, a car dealer, or retailer, here are four different business models your company can implement to generate revenue from insurance.

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Insurance Sales Cycle

The customer journey outlines a roadmap to success. Increase your conversions and learn how to master the insurance sales cycle.

How Fintech Companies Can Unlock Insurance Cross-Selling Opportunities

Discover how fintech companies can build embedded insurance experiences to boost revenue through cross-selling. Many fintech companies might not realize it, but they’re perfectly positioned to offer customers insurance products.

4 Closing Techniques That Foster Win/Win Scenarios for Insurance Agents

In the insurance world, you want more than a sale—you want a client for life. Learn how to master the right closing techniques for extraordinary results.

How to Digitize the Insurance Verification Process for Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage processing can be a complex process. But automating tasks such as insurance verification can be streamlined for you and your customers to make sure you close on time.

8 Social Media Marketing Trends & Tips for Insurance Agents in 2023

Connect directly with your client base online by utilizing the latest social media marketing trends for the insurance industry.

10 Insurance Conferences to Attend in 2023

The leading insurance conferences in 2023 will drive professional development, uncover opportunities, and set the stage for success. Mark your calendar for these dates.