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Canopy Connect is the best connected insurance API. We connect to systems like raters, agency management systems, websites and more. Use our pre-built integrations or build your own. It's up to you.
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EZLynx Comparative Rater

Generate winning quotes fast by sending verified insurance data directly into EZLynx comparative rater. A more accurate alternative to pre-fill.

Collect insurance data in seconds.

Once the prospect selects and signs into their carrier, you'll receive their insurance data into your Canopy Connect dashboard.

Send verified insurance data to EZLynx with one click.

Start a new quote in EZLynx with verified insurance data accurately pre-filled—not using outdated information from typical pre-fill solutions. Eliminate data entry and typos.

Build competitive quotes from your best carriers.

EZLynx lets you generate quotes in real time from 330 carriers for auto, home, and more.
EZLynx Integration with Canopy Connect
PL Rating by Vertafore

PL Rating by Vertafore

Streamline the quoting process by pushing collected insurance data directly into Vertafore's PL Rating to eliminate data entry, improve accuracy, and speed up quote turnaround times.

Collect insurance data in seconds.

Once the prospect selects and signs into their carrier, you'll receive their insurance data into your Canopy Connect dashboard.

Review policy information in Canopy Connect and send it to PL Rating with one click.

Start a new quote in PL Rating with collected insurance data accurately pre-filled. No more double data entry required.

Create a competitive quote positioned to win.

PL Rating lets you offer multiple competitive personal lines quotes in the time it takes to get one quote from a carrier's website.

Agency MVP

Agency MVP prioritizes leads and automates texts and emails that use your Canopy Connect link to collect insurance information, then syncs it with your rater.
Use your Canopy Connect links in your Agency MVP workflows and text templates.
View all of your leads' policy information on the household’s details page in Agency MVP.
Send household and insurance information directly to your rater without manually re-entering data, so you can provide accurate, fast, and competitive quotes.
Special offer for Canopy Connect customers. Get a 14-day free trial plus 15% off any Agency MVP plan.
Agency MVP

Build Your Own Integration

Looking to integrate verified insurance data to your system? We can help.


You can automate your tasks and save more time for what matters most by connecting Canopy Connect with thousands of the most popular apps using Zapier—no coding is necessary.

Canopy Connect → Agency Zoom

With X-dates, coverages and premium populated into AgencyZoom via Canopy Connect, you can execute a highly personalized X-date campaign.

Canopy Connect → Better Agency

Use Better Agency's library of built-in automation campaigns to set up automated follow-ups that include your Canopy Connect link to capture insurance data.

Canopy Connect → Salesforce

Create and update leads and contacts, add to campaigns, and add files when you receive new Canopy Connect submissions.
Pipedrive via ZapperSalesforce via ZapperAgency ZoomBetter Agency via ZapperMailChimp via ZapperGravity Forms via ZapperAgency Elephant  via ZapperActive Campaign via Zapper


Send Canopy Connect Data to Hawksoft, NowCerts, and many other systems using InsuranceGIG. Built to better connect the fragmented insurance ecosystem, InsuranceGIG helps you access and use insurance technology faster, cheaper and with less risk.

Canopy Connect → Hawksoft AMS

Send collected insurance information and send it to Hawksoft AMS with just one click.

Canopy Connect → NowCerts

Send collected insurance information and send it to NowCerts insurance agency management system.

Canopy Connect → InsuranceGIG AppMarket

Send insurance data to the growing AppMarket for ultimate connectivity


GravityCerts is a website builder and insurance agency dashboard that is deeply integrated into your favorite agency tools. With GravityCerts' integration between Gravity Forms and Canopy Connect, you can populate your quote intake forms with information imported from Canopy Connect. Pre-populate insured info, property info, drivers, vehicles, policy info, and even documents.
Speed up the quote intake process by 10x because the majority of your forms will be populated automatically.
Your prospect selects their current insurance carrier and grants access to import their insurance in less than 12 seconds.
Data from Canopy Connect is stored as Entry data so it’s easy to export or save the full quote submission as a PDF.