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Our customers—independent and captive insurance agents and owners—share how Canopy Connect impacts their business.
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Easier and More Efficient Sales Process

Canopy Connect has revolutionized the way Mike Crowley's insurance agency does business. The entire process is now more efficient and less time-consuming. Gathering information is a breeze and coverages can be discussed with prospects with confidence, knowing he has accurate, verified information.

Spend More Time Building Rapport and Less Time Gathering Insurance Information

Kevin Spann, an Allstate Insurance agency owner, talks about how he uses Canopy Connect at his captive agency and how he's able to spend more time building rapport with his clients and prospects and utilizing more of his sales techniques.

Auto Insurance Agency's Best Month Ever

Adam Boca from NCM Insurance Agency at the National Corvette Museum talks about the immediate impact Canopy Connect had on his team in just 45 days—contributing to NCM's best month ever, closing more leads, and writing additional policies.

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Why You Need Prospect Insurance Information

Jeremy Powers talks about why he insists on getting prospect insurance information and dec pages — and how Canopy Connect makes it super efficient and secure.

Without Canopy Connect Things Would Be So Inefficient

JC Wogomon from Catalyst Insurance Group talks about how using Canopy Connect makes his job as an insurance agency owner and producer way more efficient and effective.

The Fastest Way To Collect Insurance Information

What used to take 30 minutes, now take 30 seconds.

Using Canopy Connect and PL Rating Together

Gavin Campbell from PCF Bellingham (formerly Rice Insurance) discusses his experience using the Canopy Connect integration with Vertafore's PL Rating. He talks about how it has sped up their quoting process to a point where they are able to sync data and generate a quote in a minute.

The Insurance Guys Talk About Canopy Connect

Justin Miller talks to Scott Howell about the piece of technology that his agents use that is a linchpin to successful selling—Canopy Connect.

Canopy Connectors

Hear how our amazing customers are using Canopy Connect

Canopy Connect is such an awesome way to not just have smoke and mirrors to what the customer has. You're literally looking at it. You can see it right in front of you. It's literally a secret weapon.

Jeremy Powers, Owner of Powers Insurance Experts
Jeremy Powers
Powers Insurance Experts

Canopy Connect is the key to the future scalability of our agency. We are sending the Canopy Connect link to every client.

Shane Van Der Giessen, Producer at Rice Insurance
Shane Vander Geissen
Rice Insurance

You have everything at your fingertips. 75% of consumers have no idea what coverages they carry. They think they have “full coverage” so this helps me build a wedge between their current policy and what I can offer.

Josh Miner, TWFG Agency Owner
Josh Miner
Miner Family Insurance / TWFG

I recommend Canopy Connect to all of the agents I meet and mentor. It makes the intake much faster and easier for me and my clients and has enabled me to scale my agency.

Kevin Spann - Allstate Agency Owner
Kevin Spann
Abraham Kevin Spann: Allstate Insurance

I don't know how I would do business today in personal lines without Canopy Connect. I just don't know how I would do it. It would be so inefficient.

J.C. Wogomon, Owner of Catalyst Insurance Group
J.C. Wogomon
Catalyst Insurance Group

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