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Speed Up Your Commission Checks: Instant Insurance Verification for Auto Dealers

Published on
May 29, 2024
Elizabeth Reed

Content Marketing Manager


  • Delays in insurance verification lead to lost sales and frustrated customers for auto dealerships.
  • Manual verification processes are time-consuming and error-prone, causing financial strain for dealerships.
  • Canopy Connect automates insurance verification, speeding up commission payments and enhancing the car-buying process.
  • The platform offers a seamless experience for dealerships and customers, improving efficiency and satisfaction.

Delays in the car-buying process can lead to lost sales and frustrated customers. One of the biggest time-wasters for dealerships is waiting for insurance verification. This process can take days or even weeks, tying up valuable resources and preventing a dealership's sales team from getting paid.

What if we told you there's a way to speed up insurance verification and get your commissions on time? With Canopy Connect, auto dealerships can automate the insurance verification process. Our solution streamlines the experience for both dealerships and customers, slashing the time to close a sale and enhancing the car-buying process with speed and efficiency. This helps sales staff exceed quota and means they get their commission checks sooner.Explore our solutions for auto dealers.

Waiting on Insurance Verification is Costing You

Verifying insurance is a problem that auto dealerships confront daily. These delays not only impede the sales process, leading to lost sales and diminished customer satisfaction, but they also disrupt dealership cash flow. Since commissions are tied to the verification process, dealerships and their employees experience financial strain when the process is drawn out. The waiting period is a direct result of the manual nature of insurance verification, which is both time-consuming and error-prone. These errors, in turn, further delay the process of sales people receiving their commission checks—leaving employees frustrated. While dealerships have some buffer during revenue dips, missed commissions can create financial hardship for employees.

Inefficient, manual insurance verification delays sales, hinders loan accuracy, and risks uninsured test drives. Real-time solutions streamline processes, boost satisfaction, and guarantee employees get their commissions on time.

The Key to Faster Commissions As an Auto Dealer: Canopy Connect

Canopy Connect is the leading solution tailored to meet the insurance verification needs of auto dealers. Many auto dealerships are still relying only on physical insurance cards to approve coverage, whether it be for a test drive or a loan—leaving their dealership at high risk for accidents or fraud. Our data intake solution allows dealers a complete view of a customer's coverage, removing the need for dealers to manually collect and verify insurance information, significantly reducing the risk of human errors and omissions, while keeping customer data secure. This streamlined process not only accelerates the sales process but also minimizes the operational costs associated with manual verification.

The capacity for real-time verification equips dealerships to act swiftly, leading to faster commission payments and an enhanced cash flow.

A Seamless Experience for Dealerships and Customers

  • Canopy Connect provides a streamlined solution for insurance verification in the automotive industry.
  • Instant insurance verification removes the delays in getting commission checks—so your sales people get paid on time.
  • Comprehensive view of a buyer's insurance details allows for faster, more informed decisions about financing.
  • Our insurance data intake is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for non-technical users.
  • The platform simplifies insurance verification, improves operational efficiency, and boosts customer satisfaction.

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