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Canopy Connect’s Integration with HawkSoft

Published on
April 2, 2024
Ray Huang
Head of Marketing

Ray is the Head of Marketing at Canopy Connect and has helped dozens of startups and growth companies over his 20-year career to develop strategies and implement tactics that yield high-impact results.

We’ve joined forces with HawkSoft, a leading management systems provider for independent insurance agencies. Our latest integration allows insurance agents to collect verified insurance data through Canopy Connect and import it into HawkSoft to eliminate data entry.

For insurance agents, knowing a prospective client's current insurance information allows them to properly advise them of risks and potential coverage gaps that they may not be aware of. The traditional challenge has been in acquiring accurate information—typically entailing long forms and even longer phone calls to get information only as good as the client can remember.

With this new integration, HawkSoft users will be able to use Canopy Connect to have their clients securely share their insurance information. Clients simply sign in with their current carrier credentials through a secure link. Canopy Connect's data intake platform will retrieve policy information, drivers, claims, and more, and easily export that data for use in HawkSoft.

Download an import file from Canopy Connect to HawkSoft
“Getting accurate insurance information is a challenge that Canopy Connect has been solving for years. Getting that data into the system an agent lives in during their business day, without data entry, is what this new integration between Canopy Connect and HawkSoft accomplishes.”
Rushang Shah, CMO at HawkSoft

Since joining HawkSoft's Solution Partner program in 2023, and with the rollout of HawkSoft 6, we’ve been working on bringing a more functional work flow for insurance agents.

“We became partners with HawkSoft with the common goal of helping agencies grow and removing friction from the agent and client experiences. We're thrilled to be able to deliver this rich data to HawkSoft agencies without requiring any data entry.”
Tolga Tezel, Founder and CEO at Canopy Connect

Canopy Connect is committed to making agents' lives easier by removing friction from acquiring and handling insurance data.

Learn more about how Canopy Connect and HawkSoft work together here: