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Canopy Connect is Now Integrated with Agency MVP

Published on
October 5, 2022
Ray Huang
Head of Marketing

Ray is the Head of Marketing at Canopy Connect and has helped dozens of startups and growth companies over his 20-year career to develop strategies and implement tactics that yield high-impact results.

Canopy Connect and Agency MVP have come together to provide insurance agents with an end-to-end lead management experience. Together, we'll automatically prioritize leads, send text and email sequences, collect prospect insurance information, and send that to your rater, so you can build a value-driven quote that wins.

Agents can quote and bind policies faster than ever before now that Agency MVP and Canopy Connect are integrated. No more manually filling out form fields; no more copy/pasting. Collect prospect insurance information with a single click using Canopy Connect, and watch the information magically populate in Agency MVP and to the most popular raters.
Tolga Tezel, Founder & CEO, Canopy Connect

Here's how it works:

From Agency MVP, you can insert your personalized Canopy Connect link into a workflow action or a text template—so you can send a scheduled sequence of touchpoints.

Your lead will simply click on your Canopy Connect link, select their current carrier, and sign in.

Within seconds, you'll be able to view all their policy information in Agency MVP on the household's details page. You'll see:

  • Contact information
  • Each policy on the account, effective dates
  • Coverages, limits, deductibles, premiums
  • Vehicle VINs, Year, Make, Model
  • PDFs of declaration pages and
  • Renewal information

After reviewing the current policies, you can start a new quote, prefilled with current information, make your recommended modifications, and send this information to your comparative rater—EZLynx, Turborater, and PL Rating.

You can easily create a quote comparison, side-by-side with their current policy—and you can send this via text or email.

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Webinar: From Double Data-Entry to Zero Data Entry

Bo Ward, agency owner of IndyCover, will show you how he's able to engage with his prospects; get them to share their current insurance policies; send that into a comparative rater; and generate and present a side-by-side quote comparison that wins 80% of the time with nearly zero data entry.

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