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Connected Conversations in Insurtech with Marble's CEO

Published on
September 24, 2022
Tolga Tezel

Founder and CEO

I had the opportunity to sit down with Marble's founder and CEO Stuart Winchester, and discuss what led him to start Marble — the first digital insurance wallet to enable its members (users) to store their insurance information securely in their app and reward them for their engagement.

Consumers love Marble because they can securely store their insurance information and quickly access documents, file a claim or take basic actions with their insurance. Agencies, brokers, and insurers love Marble because it increases client engagement and grows the number of average policies per client.

When it came time for Marble to truly scale, they turned to Canopy Connect's API to enable their members to import their insurance data in seconds.

It was pretty remarkable that we almost 10X'd our volume in one month and we got through it—I won't say we didn't break a sweat, but it was a light perspiration. We were really okay. I was still sleeping at night. And what that means is the customers that went through Canopy Connect were getting those 10-second syncs, we were getting all rich data, all policy data, all coverage data pulled in and placed correctly. Multiple vehicles, we were getting renters coming in, it was just like this really nice flow.
- Stuart Winchester, Marble

Watch our conversation below and let us know what you think!

Marble uses the Canopy Connect API to let their users seamlessly import their policy information. If your business or your technology can benefit from capturing or verifying current insurance information in real-time, learn more about our API and schedule a meeting with us.