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Simplifying Insurance Quotes: Introducing the New EZLynx and Canopy Connect Integration

Published on
June 14, 2023
Ray Huang
Head of Marketing

Ray is the Head of Marketing at Canopy Connect and has helped dozens of startups and growth companies over his 20-year career to develop strategies and implement tactics that yield high-impact results.

We're thrilled to announce a new integration between EZLynx comparative rater and Canopy Connect. This collaboration marks the first of many planned integrations between Canopy Connect and Applied Systems’ suite of insurance solutions.

Canopy Connect has already simplified the process of collecting verified insurance data. With the seamless integration of Canopy Connect and EZLynx, insurance agents no longer need to manually re-type the same information between systems, saving both the agent and consumer valuable time and effort, which makes it a win-win for everyone involved. 

In the integrated workflow, insurance agents can use Canopy Connect to send custom links to their prospects, allowing them to sign into their insurance carriers and securely share their policy details. This data—including policy information, driver, vehicle, and property details—is seamlessly sent to EZLynx, to begin a new quote instantly. Quoting becomes easier, faster, and more accurate for insurance agents, ultimately boosting their closing ratios.

Unlike typical pre-fill solutions that often deliver outdated or inaccurate data, Canopy Connect gets consumer-permissioned data directly from the insurance carrier. This guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the information, which is crucial for agents to position themselves as trusted insurance advisors to consumers.

“Our partnership with Applied Systems starts with EZLynx, and opens the door to building more of our functionality into Applied Systems’ family of products.”
Tolga Tezel, Co-Founder & CEO at Canopy Connect

The EZLynx integration with Canopy Connect can be activated through the EZLynx Marketplace and the Canopy Connect administrator settings. Learn more about the integration »

Watch the recorded demo webinar »