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Reach More Customers - Market Your Insurance Agency with Canopy Connect's QR Feature

Published on
November 20, 2023
Elizabeth Reed

Content Marketing Manager

Wondering how your agency can get the most out of your Canopy Connect integration? Canopy Connect’s QR feature is an easy way to increase your brand awareness and bring in more leads. This blog post outlines how insurance agencies can use Canopy Connect's QR feature to quickly and securely provide producers with prospects’ verified insurance information. We'll go through all the benefits of using QR codes in your business, how our QR feature works, and different ways to advertise with it. By the end of this article, you'll be ready to maximize Canopy Connect's QR feature today and incorporate it into your marketing focus.

Understand the benefits of QR codes for your business

While QR codes have been around for a while, they’ve surged in popularity post-covid due to their contactless convenience. With Canopy Connect's QR feature, insurance agencies can quickly and easily promote their business, generate leads, and provide prospects with a secure way to send their information. 

QR codes are an incredibly simple and efficient way to promote your insurance business. By incorporating them into your marketing strategy, you can easily reach potential customers and generate leads. They also allow prospects to quickly send their verified insurance information your way, which helps set you apart from the competition—in an industry that still regularly relies on faxing documents for quoting.

Employing this cost-effective technology, you’ll be able to reach more customers and market your agency more effectively than ever before. 

Learn how Canopy Connect's QR feature works

Insurance agencies can take advantage of Canopy Connect's innovative QR feature to quickly and securely gather prospects' verified insurance information. This technology simplifies the process of sharing documents like declarations pages, removing time-consuming phone interrogations in the process. By embracing a modern quoting process, you demonstrate your agency's dedication to efficiency, innovation, and meeting the evolving needs of your clients. It shows that you are committed to providing a seamless and convenient experience from start to finish.

To get the most out of this feature, insurance agencies should go to their Canopy Connect dashboard. On their dashboard, click on the “Your Links” header. From there, you can access all of your Canopy Connect link options. Agencies even have the option to personalize their links and QR codes by adding their logos to them in the edit tab. Click on your QR code to download the PNG to your computer or smartphone. From there, agencies have many options for how they want to incorporate it into their advertising and marketing efforts. 

Canopy Connect's QR feature is an invaluable tool for any insurance agency wanting to effortlessly generate more leads. Let’s see some of the best ways our customers have incorporated it and how it could work for your agency. 

Develop a QR code marketing strategy for your insurance agency

Integrating a QR code into your insurance agency’s marketing strategy is an effective way to reach more customers and stand out from the competition. By incorporating a QR code into your marketing materials, you open up a world of opportunities to engage with your target audience. Whether it's on your business cards, brochures, or digital advertisements, a QR code adds an interactive element that captures attention and drives customer engagement. The ways to get creative with it are endless. 

A prime example of how creative this feature can be is best shown through Brendon Ericson, an insurance agent, who incorporated his Canopy Connect QR code into his seasonal decor. He included his QR code outside along with his Halloween decorations and received a few submissions from people walking by his house. QR codes aren’t limited to just social sharing—placing them in high-traffic areas, like your neighborhood or outside your business, can easily generate leads for your agency.

Picture of Brendon Ericson's QR Code on Halloween Decorations

Another success story worth mentioning is McClanahan Insurance Agency, which used Canopy Connect's QRs as part of a giveaway on social media. This is a prime example of offering value and convenience to prospective clients. To draw in prospects, agencies should show that they are constantly progressing. One of the easiest ways to show that is by incorporating technology into your sales process and creating a more painless experience for prospects. Our QR code is a great, low-barrier way to do just that. 

McClanahan Insurance Agency Giveaway Post

These examples from successful agents show the power of customization. By personalizing the QR code to align with their brand and business objectives, they achieved remarkable results. 

Different ways to incorporate QR codes into yowith dvertising

By taking advantage of Canopy Connect’s simple QR feature, you too, can easily reach more customers. Whether you choose to share it online or strategically place it on objects and locations that people frequently encounter, the possibilities are endless. Here are some exciting ideas to kickstart your QR code journey:

Physical places to incorporate your Canopy Connect QR Code:
  • Place the Canopy Connect QR outside your business. It could be a sign, banner, or a decal on the front door. 
  • Put it on your business card.
  • Put it on a decal on the back of your car. 
  • Put it on your agency's merch and make sure the merch is an everyday item that people actually have use for, like: 
  1. Magnets
  2. Car fresheners
  3. Coffee cups 
  4. Tumblers
  5. Back of t-shirts 
  7. Stress balls 
  8. Stickers 
  • Use it as your phone background or have a QR code sticker on the back of your phone for when you’re networking at conferences and trade shows.
  • Post it as a flyer on community bulletin boards in your area.
Ways to Incorporate the QR code on social media:
  • Put it on your agency's website and social media.
  • Integrate Canopy Connect’s QR feature into email newsletters.
  • Take the McClanahan approach—use it as an entry for a giveaway AND have giveaway enterers share it across social media as part of their entry to cast a wider net. 

There are several methods available for insurance agencies to incorporate Canopy Connect's QR feature into their advertising and marketing efforts. Get creative with it and take the opportunity to grow your business. Test out which avenues work best for you. Maybe the QR code is most impactful on your agency's merch or maybe prospects respond better to giveaways—try a few options and see what sticks.

Get started with Canopy Connect's QR feature today

By taking advantage of all that Canopy Connect offers, insurance agencies will benefit from incorporating technology into their sales process, whether through sending a link to gather verified prospect information or generating more leads from marketing with the QR code. The adage “it is what you make of it” rings especially true when it comes to agencies incorporating the QR code to generate more business. 

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