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How Insurance Marketplaces Can Optimize Lead Conversions by Streamlining the Quote Request Form

A great customer experience will set you apart in the insurance marketplace. Streamline forms to boost lead conversions and simplify the client process.

Enriched Property Data in Canopy Connect

We’ve added Enriched Property Data to accompany the homeowners policies that are pulled in the Canopy Connect activity dashboard, giving you a view of your prospect’s homeowners insurance coverages, deductibles, premiums, and declaration pages, and now the detailed property information you’ll need to generate an accurate and winning quote.

Insurance Industry Trends & Strategies in a Competitive Market [2023 Edition]

Stand out from the rest in an unpredictable market. Check out these insurance industry trends and strategies so you can survive these rocky times.

See Driving Records and Claims History in Canopy Connect

With driving records and claims history, insurance agents will have valuable context about any incidents and allow you to make more informed decisions about the coverage you offer and tailor your quotes to each individual's needs. 

PL Rating Integration Now Available with Canopy Connect

New integration enables insurance agents to collect current insurance data directly from consumers via Canopy Connect and pre-fill into Vertafore’s PL Rating to significantly improve quote accuracy and turnaround time.

Why Insurance Agents Should Review the Declarations Page

Leading insurance agents review and understand declaration page data to build a policy proposal that is relevant, personalized, and credible.

How to Design an Efficient Insurance Sales Funnel

Is your insurance sales funnel design attracting the kind of leads you need? Consider these tips to bolster your strategy and generate more sales.

Insurance Conversion Rate Optimization: What Is It, Why It Helps, and How to Do It

Conversion rate optimization must be a top priority in your insurance agency strategy. Learn how to leverage high-quality leads to maximize success.

Canopy Connect is Now Integrated with Agency MVP

Canopy Connect and Agency MVP have come together to provide insurance agents with an end-to-end lead management experience. Together, we'll automatically prioritize leads, send text and email sequences, collect prospect insurance information, and send that to your rater, so you can build a value-driven quote that wins.