Elizabeth Reed

Content Marketing Manager

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The Top Challenges of Servicing a Loan

The mortgage industry is in flux, with stricter regulations, booming data volumes, and evolving customer expectations making loan servicing a major headache. This blog post dives into the top challenges faced by servicers and explores how modern solutions can alleviate the pain points.

How to Launch a Successful Giveaway with the Canopy Connect QR Code

Looking to get more leads into your business? We're breaking down how to do that with the Canopy Connect QR code. Read on for tips and advice on launching your most successful giveaway yet.

Top Electric Car Insurance Trends for Insurance Agencies to Consider

As electric cars rapidly gain traction, insurance agencies face new challenges servicing these policies. Our latest blog explores key EV insurance trends agencies need to understand in 2024.

The Power of Modernizing Your Digital Insurance Experience

Insurance agencies can now‌ compete with other agencies by providing prospects with ‌a digital experience—because consumers are looking for the easiest purchasing journey. This desire for a more modern experience is creating a divide between agencies that adapt to the changes and ‌those that are left picking at the scraps. To attract modern customers, insurance agencies need to embrace the digital experience.
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Streamlined Insurance Verification for Auto Lenders

Lenders need to assess risk and verify compliance efficiently while maintaining accuracy. Insurance verification is a crucial part of this process, yet traditional manual verification methods are time-consuming and prone to human error. See how an automated solution for auto lenders can streamline this typically tedious process.

Reach More Customers - Market Your Insurance Agency with Canopy Connect's QR Feature

Insurance agencies can take advantage of Canopy Connect's innovative QR feature to quickly and securely gather prospects' verified insurance information. Simplify the process of sharing documents like declarations pages, removing time-consuming phone interrogations in the process.

Personalization: How Regional Insurance Carriers Can Compete With Big Brands

While digital convenience reigns, customers crave personalized attention. Stand out by combining omnichannel ease with personalized touches. Even without a big budget, focus on offering the best deals and building genuine connections. It's the personal touch that sets you apart in today's market.

How Insurance Agencies Can Build Trust Through Content Marketing

In today's digital world, short attention spans demand smarter strategies. Content marketing can be a game-changer for insurance agencies. Ditch outdated methods and focus on creating valuable, engaging content that resonates with your target audience.