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How to Increase Your Insurance Agency's Website Conversion Rates

Published on
May 2, 2024
Ray Huang
Head of Marketing

Ray is the Head of Marketing at Canopy Connect and has helped dozens of startups and growth companies over his 20-year career to develop strategies and implement tactics that yield high-impact results.


  • Spencer Breidenbach from Brightfire discusses website conversion optimization for insurance agents
  • Focus on technical performance, first impressions, credibility, and call to action
  • Prioritize load speed, mobile optimization, and clear navigation
  • Use real staff faces, third-party reviews, and big carrier logos for credibility
  • Have strong follow-up processes after form submissions to engage leads further

I recently sat down with Spencer Breidenbach, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Brightfire, to discuss website conversion optimization for insurance agents. Brightfire is a done-for-you digital marketing group that builds websites, helps with SEO, and more for insurance professionals.

In this discussion, we covered several key things agents should think about when optimizing their websites to turn visitors into leads. Let's break it down into a few sections.

Technical Performance

The technical performance of your website is critical. With short attention spans, a site that loads slowly or appears broken will cause visitors to quickly move on. Prioritize load speed and mobile optimization. Make sure navigation and headings are clear so visitors easily find what they need.

First Impressions

Consider what visitors see first when they land on your site, without having to scroll. This above-the-fold content makes a vital first impression. Show real staff faces to humanize your agency and connect emotionally with visitors.


Display verified third-party reviews and testimonials. Link to external review sites and profiles to prove they're real. If operating across a large area, showcase logos of big carrier partners you work with to demonstrate legitimacy.

Call to Action

The call-to-action form involves tradeoffs between more info and higher conversion rates. Multi-stage forms can first identify visitor needs before asking for more details. Offer instant quotes for simpler policies to capture more leads.


As Spencer emphasized, submitting a form isn't the end. Have strong follow-up processes to continue engaging each lead.

Canopy Connect's Integration with BrightFire

Canopy Connect is excited to announce a new partnership with BrightFire! Together, we're aiming to revolutionize the customer experience for independent insurance agents. Now with BrightFire’s digital marketing services, insurance agencies can embed the Canopy Connect form integration on their websites—leading to a streamlined customer experience. Learn more here.

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