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Insurance Producers Podcast: Canopy Connect

Published on
May 14, 2024
Tolga Tezel

Founder and CEO


  • Canopy Connect is an insurance API that helps agents improve sales and retention.
  • It enables agents to easily gain visibility into insurance policies of prospects and clients.
  • Benefits include increased conversion rates, improved retention, and better client advice.
  • New features will enrich commercial insurance data connections and eliminate manual tasks.
  • Sign up for a 14-day free trial and book an onboarding call for success tailored to your agency's needs.

I appeared as a guest on the Insurance Producers Podcast episode to discuss Canopy Connect, our insurance data intake platform that helps insurance agencies improve their sales process. I spoke with Cyrus Jaffery, host of the Insurance Producers Podcast, and an agency owner who's used Canopy Connect for several years.


What is Canopy Connect?

Canopy Connect enables agents to easily gain visibility into insurance policies of prospects and clients with a secure link. This saves time instead of manually gathering information and builds trust. Agents can provide better advice by seeing coverage gaps and positioning themselves as advisors.

What Are the Benefits for Agents?

One agency using Canopy Connect increased conversion rates 23% and grew retention 30% by doing comprehensive reviews. It helps agents cross-sell and capture more business from existing clients. The full visibility and advice builds loyalty beyond just price.

New Features

Our upcoming updates will enrich commercial insurance data connections. We're also working on new tools to eliminate servicing headaches and manual tasks for agencies. The focus is on reducing paperwork and making things easier for everyone involved.

How do I sign up for Canopy Connect?

Canopy Connect offers 14-day free trials and discounted annual plans. I recommend booking an onboarding call so we can set you up for success based on your agency's specific needs. Book a demo.

How to thrive with Canopy Connect?

  • Enhance ease of use for prospects.
  • Form partnerships to boost referrals.
  • Use our technology to remove manual processes that cause delays.

See how our solution can help your agency.