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What’s New: Email Functionality, Improved Landing Pages, and More

Published on
May 31, 2023
Ray Huang
Head of Marketing

Ray is the Head of Marketing at Canopy Connect and has helped dozens of startups and growth companies over his 20-year career to develop strategies and implement tactics that yield high-impact results.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve released improvements around emails, landing pages, and more Canopy Connect.

But before we get into that, you’ll notice that some of the in-product navigation has been adjusted to add clarity—Activity is now Submissions, and Contact Templates is now Messaging.

Some administrative icons have been added for Referral Rewards, Integrations, Settings, and Profile.

Enhanced Email Tracking

Emails are now sent directly by Canopy Connect, whereas previously they would open in your default mail client—Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, or whatever you usually use to send email. This will allow you to track the status of each email, such as delivery, opened, clicked, and pull completed.

Administrators can go to Settings > Email Options, to change this setting to open the email client.

Reminder Emails for Prospects

Reminders will automatically be sent to your prospects if they haven’t submitted after 24 hours (this is on by default).

You can also choose to send prospects a reminder email 3 hours after an unsuccessful login attempt and if they haven’t submitted their insurance information to you.

Administrators can find and edit these settings by going to Settings > Email Options.  

Redesigned Link Landing Page

We spruced up the landing page experience to make your brand the star. In the upper-left is your company logo, and within your module is your logo icon. 

Now you can use your full company logo, and pair that with an agent’s photo for familiarity. You can also create a link for a referral partner that now connects the dots between the referring partner and your agency, visually and through the custom message, further building a trustworthy relationship.

Canopy Connect Mobile App

Want access to Canopy Connect on your phone? No need to head to the app store; simply follow these easy steps for both iPhone and Android phones:

  1. In your browser, go to the Canopy Connect sign-in page (, and tap the Share icon.
  2. From the Share screen, look for the Add to Home Screen option.
  3. Tap Add. Your Canopy app shortcut will be added to your home screen.

Now you’ll enjoy instant access to Canopy Connect submissions, links, and messages whenever the need arises.

Pro Tips: QR Codes

Always have your link ready to share when you’re out and about by using QR Codes. You can print them on your business cards or save it to your phone’s photos and add it into a favorited album for easy access. 

We recently improved the size and quality of our link QR codes so they can be used at any size.

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Previous Feature Releases

In case you missed it, here are some of our recent Canopy Connect product improvements:

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